Catastrophic Events

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When fires, explosions, burns, airplane and aviation crashes,  shootings, deaths and  serious injuries including smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide and other noxious  chemicals occur, immediate action should be taken to preserve the evidence, and call in the right experts to investigate what occurred, determine the cause and origin, and to determine those responsible.  Relying on public agencies to investigate may provide little or no answer. Scherr Legate has extensive experience in handling catastrophic events.  Scherr Legate responds immediately to call in a team of experts to investigate and obtain empirical evidence to try to understand what happened, who is responsible, and then handle the litigation from beginning to end.  While there are many unknowns, the victims need attention and assistance.  Scherr Legate is trained to attend to the victims.  Scherr Legate’s relationships with trauma centers is well known.  For Example, the ONLY Level 1 Trauma Center in West Texas and Southern New Mexico is at University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas and is known as the SCHERR LEGATE TRAUMA CENTER.  When catastrophe occurs, Scherr Legate is at your side.