Trucking Accidents


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Trucking accidents are traumatic and complex. Determining which trucking companies and/or affiliates may be liable and investigating the nuances involved in the complex regulations that the trucking industry is bound by requires expertise. Scherr Legate is experienced and well-recognized as a leader in litigating trucking cases.

Trucking Accidents cause Serious Injuries

Trucks, also known as semi’s or 18-wheelers, can cause serious injuries or even death when a collision occurs.

When accidents happen, victims can be left with life-long injuries and permanent pain and suffering, among other damages. You are entitled to compensation if you or a loved has experienced:


Losing someone unexpectedly whether they were the driver or were in the other vehicle involved in the accident is devastating.

Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries

In almost every case, these kinds of injuries are serious, life-altering and permanent. You may require long-term care and perhaps live-in medical assistance.

Spinal cord injuries

Injury to your spinal cord can cause paralysis in some or all of your limbs and other parts of your body. Medical care and rehabilitation is expensive and may be permanent.

Broken or fractured bones

Even though breaks and fractures heal, it is not always possible for them to heal perfectly. As a result, some people may develop long-term medical problems.

Lost limbs

Losing a limb is a devastating injury. Victims experience a range of painful symptoms at the site where the limb was amputated.

Injuries to your neck, back and spine

While extremely painful and often permanent, these injuries don’t often show up on x-rays. For this reason, insurance companies tend to dismiss them. Thus, It is important to have the proper medical and diagnostic testing done so as to pursue your claim with full knowledge of your injuries.

An experienced Truck Accident attorney can help you

More and more trucking accidents occur every year.

Poor driving habits, failure to properly train, failure to follow codes, laws and regulations, severe weather, driver shortages and poorly-maintained vehicles can all make for dangerous driving conditions on the roads. If you have been injured in an accident with a truck, you should contact an attorney who is experienced in investigating and litigating against trucking companies.
We recommend that you reach out to us as soon as possible after an accident.