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Living with the pain of an injury because of someone else’s bad judgment can be overwhelmingly difficult. We understand what you are going through and have helped our clients obtain compensation to help them live better lives. Whether you’ve sustained serious, permanent, and painful injuries or have been terminated from your job or harrassed, Scherr Legate can help you reach justice.

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After being injured and being turned down by other law firms Scherr Legate PLLC took me in as family. Always answered my calls and questions, and won my case exceeding my expectations. Maxey Scherr is amazing and I would recommend her and this law firm to any, and everyone. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Claudia Gomez
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I was recommended Scherr and legate by another attorney. I could not be happier and agree with the praises I have heard about the law firm but I dont think they are given enough credit for their customer service! yes they are great attorneys, especially Miss Maxey Scherr but the whole law firm is so professional and friendly! you are treated very well as a client, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for representation. Best law office by far that I've had to use. Would not go to anyone else
Jessie M
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Scherr Legate handled my case in an extremely timely manner (6 months total) and Tiffany Joudi expressed professionalism, the right amount of compassion, and expertise to win this case. It was my first time being in this situation and Tiffany and her team made it easy to understand and coached me through the process. They let me know that I was not alone in this process and they have my back through its entirety. I've sent multiple people to them and they have also been received with the same amount of urgency and care that I was. If I ever need a lawyer services again, I will 100% be going back to Scherr Legate without hesitation.

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