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Living with the pain of an injury because of someone else’s bad judgment can be overwhelmingly difficult. We understand what you are going through and have helped our clients obtain compensation to help them live better lives. Whether you’ve sustained serious, permanent, and painful injuries or have been terminated from your job or harassed, Scherr Legate can help you reach justice.

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Our Track Record
Alfredo Rodriguez
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Mr. Sam Legate has always taken care of me and my family's interest. He has never let us down. His mannerism is impeccable, his staff is outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone.
Claudia Gomez
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I was recommended Scherr and legate by another attorney. I could not be happier and agree with the praises I have heard about the law firm but I dont think they are given enough credit for their customer service! yes they are great attorneys, especially Miss Maxey Scherr but the whole law firm is so professional and friendly! you are treated very well as a client, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for representation. Best law office by far that I've had to use. Would not go to anyone else
R Guthrie
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This law firm has a reputation of being extremely concerned with their clients' well-being and they have a reputation of being very aggressive and not afraid to litigate their cases in court. I'm very, very glad we chose this law firm to represent us.