Our Clients

With you every step of the way.

“Two separate incidents brought me to the attorneys at Scherr Legate. In both cases, I suffered serious injuries. One set of injuries were so severe that they ended a career I deeply loved. When you find yourself in such a heart-wrenching situation and needing legal representation, it feels that the world is spinning non-stop. Having Scherr Legate on my side gave me some peace of mind. That same peace allowed me to heal physically and eventually allowed me to focus on what steps I needed to take next in my life. The direction and dedication displayed to me by Scherr Legate as they represented me demonstrates not only who they are as attorneys, but also who they are as compassionate human beings. I can’t be more thankful to them and all that they have done for me thus far to help me piece my life together.”
– R.N.

Legal advice you can count on.

“When we arrived to Scherr Legate we were very scared and saddened by our situation. This law firm gave us the confidence we needed. From the beginning, the details in the explanations given to us by the attorneys were very clear. We are very grateful for the work of Scherr Legate, and, without hesitation, can recommend the attorneys and employees of this law firm.”

– Aquilino and Romelia Aguirre

Clients first.

“I first learned of Scherr Legate by way of a friend who knew of the law firm’s ability to win law suits. My situation was very intimidating but the attorneys and the staff help put me at ease. The entire Scherr Legate team was very efficient and professional, which was a huge relief because of the stress I was under. In my case it was important to have the right resources in order to win. Scherr Legate delivered beyond what I had anticipated. I would highly recommend Scherr Legate to anyone who might be searching for legal representation.”

– M.A.

Representation after loss.

“Losing my son unexpectedly has been a very overwhelming situation, one that any mother should not have to endure. When I came to Scherr Legate, I was completely distraught and uncertain about working with attorneys as the entire process seemed very daunting. Looking back, I’m so grateful that my attorney showed empathy and compassion from the very beginning, and was very easy to talk to. Truthfully, everyone at Scherr Legate is down-to-earth and organized, which made the entire process so much smoother. All-in-all, working with the law firm was a lot easier than I expected as they always made sure I understood where we were in the process. I don’t know that I could have found better representation in my situation than having Scherr Legate, and I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of losing a loved one.”

– Crystal M.

Here to listen.

“I came in contact with the law firm through a lawyer from Kansas (Mr.  Vranicar) whom I had met through my charity work. From the first visit to the law firm my experience with the staff and attorneys was remarkable- always courteous, willing to answer questions and clear doubts. They are willing to represent the little guy in an efficient way with professionalism and sense of responsibility. From my own experience and as a witness to their work, the dedication of these attorneys is unmatched. I would definitely recommend this legal team. Thank you for always having a receptive ear when I needed it most.”

– S.J.A.

Dedicated to you.

“For ten years, Scherr Legate fought for our family and got the justice my dad deserved. Scherr Legate ensured the responsible party was held accountable. They excelled in keeping us informed throughout the entire legal process. Their entire staff was respectful and courteous to all members of my family any time we needed them. After the unfortunate passing of our father, Scherr Legate continued to show their support with kind and selfless acts. Their service and dedication to their clients are just a few of the many reasons why I would recommend their law firm to those in need of legal advice.”
– Dana M.

Honest representation.

“I originally thought that hiring an attorney was going to be a challenge. After hearing about my case, the attorneys and staff of Scherr Legate, were honest and upfront about what they needed to get my case started. Their follow-up and communication the entire time was excellent! Based on our conversations, I know they worked every angle to get me the best outcome. With my situation, I learned that sometimes people will fire you without just cause and luckily for me, Scherr Legate defended my rights.”

– O.J.A.