Oil Explosions


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Oil well explosions are a major hazard to oil field workers. Oil well explosions can be massive in size and kill and injure many workers at one time.  

According to the Center for Public Integrity, 1,566 workers died from 2008 to 2017 extracting oil and gas in the Unites States.  Since then oil field production has ramped up significantly, due to federal deregulation, exposing more workers to deadly blasts. 

The oil field and oil rig explosions tend to be huge because one explosions can set off several others in a matter of seconds.  Oil companies are to blame for the explosions when they fail to:

  • Follow safety standards and procedures
  • Properly train employees on safety
  • Replace faulty equipment and provide safe, properly maintained tools
  • Fix cracks in pipes, lines, and storage units
  • Safely store hazardous fluids
  • Provide safety gear like helmets, goggles and protective suits
  • Provide fire safety equipment
  • Prevent rushing a job or proceeding without the right, safe equipment or training

A Center for Public Integrity analysis of Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration records found that from 2008 through October of 2018, they cited companies in the extraction industry for 10,873 violations.  Sixty-four percent of those violations are classified as “serious,” and likely to result in “death or serious physical harm.”